Social Media for Health Promotion

Learn about Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are online platforms for people to interact with friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances and others with similar interests. Most social networking sites are free and provide multiple ways for their users to communicate with each other, for example, by blogging, chatting, sending messages, and/or sharing video, photos or text. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook are used daily by millions of people and are becoming a major source of information gathering. Social networking sites provide an immediate and personal way to deliver programs, products and information to individuals or friends within your personal network.

Example Facebook Page:

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Learn about Buttons, Badges and Widgets

Buttons, badges and widgets share health messages and information about campaigns and causes online. They are often created to be shared and include HTML code that allows them to be posted on a website.

  • Buttons are graphic elements that usually include an image, a short message, and a link for more information.
  • Badges are also small graphic images that include a message and link to a webpage. However, badges are often posted on an individual's social network profile or personal blog to show support for or affiliation with a cause or issue, and may include messages that show a personal action was taken (e.g. "I got tested." instead of "Get tested.")
  • Widgets are online applications built by one website that can be displayed onto another website.

You can become an advocate for health by posting buttons, badges or widgets to your website, blog, or social networking site. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other organizations have developed a number of buttons, badges and widgets that are credible, automatically update and are free for you to disseminate to the population that you serve, whether it is health professionals or other consumers. Find buttons, badges and widgets by visiting the links at the bottom of the page.

Example Button

 Walk for better health.

Example Widget
Know Your Score Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.
Know Your Score Widget.
Flash Player 9 is required.

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