California 2010 Census Interactive Map

The Census Bureau's interactive map widget enables you to view local 2010 Census data for California, including population, population changes and race/ethnic demographics. Hover over counties for county-specific information!


Additional Data: To access data from multiple geographies within the state, such as census blocks, tracts, voting districts, cities, counties and school districts, visit American Factfinder:

Embed on your site by copying the following code, replacing XX with your two-digit state abbreviation (e.g. "LA") and optionally replacing the values for width and height. To embed the U.S. map, leave off the state parameter.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" width="800" height="510">IFRAMES not supported</iframe>

Note: height should equal width divided by 1.566, rounded to a whole number. For example, 940x600 or 800x510.

Data provided by U.S. Census Bureau.

  • - Represents zero or rounds to 0.0
  • The term 'county' refers to county or equivalent entity.

  • For more information on Substantial Changes to Counties and County Equivalent Entities: 1970-Present, please visit:

For questions, comments and suggestions about Census Bureau data visualizations, please contact:

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