Networking Opportunities and Contacts for Advisors

Using Every Woman California as a Networking and Collaboration Tool

What you may not have realized upon initially visiting this website is that it is more than an informational resource about preconception health. Every Woman California is a two-way website to which you can register as a Contributor, enabling you to network with other advisors who are developing or have already developed peer education programs on their college/university campuses, so that you can build on one another's ideas and strengths. When you register, please indicate your school affiliation and "PPE Faculty Advisor" under Organization and Job Title, respectively, so that we can be sure to add you to the appropriate forums.

Once you register and are approved, you will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Engage in private discussion forums with other faculty advisors--some may be within your own city/county, which can be helpful as your program creates community outreach programs/events. If you are already registered and approved, access the faculty advisor forums now.
  • Collaboratively produce webpages with students on your organizations.
  • Receive technical assistance from health professionals and community members via dialogue on discussion forums or by email at

From the public end of the website, you can already access State and Community Contacts.

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