CA Department of Public Health: Preconception Health Internship


The Preconception Peer Educators (PPEs) program in California was developed to expand and support the Federal Office of Minority Health PPE programs in California with a goal of developing a strong volunteer outreach workforce to elevate public knowledge about preconception health.   The objectives of implementing this project are to 1) teach college students about preconception health, life course theory, and health disparities, 2) train students to begin PPE programs on their college and university campuses and 3) connect motivated students to local health jurisdictions and community partners with whom they can collaborate on outreach programs.  Information on the program can be found under “For Peer Educators” on

As we evaluate the existing program and revise the training content, we need to provide toolkits to help PPEs conduct information campaigns and also expand the PPE program to ensure the information is timely. 

Project Description

  1. Literature review

Review the existing Preconception Peer Education program content.Conduct a literature review of research on college/university preconception peer education programs and other peer-based strategies for improving health that take place in a college/university setting

  1. Assess knowledge/resource strengths/gaps and preferred messaging by women and men at UC Davis
    1. Query students about their thoughts around preconception health
    2. Assess students’ knowledge about Affordable Care Act provisions for adults (2010) and for women (2012)
  2. Develop marketing strategy for preconception health

Based on informational interviews with students, develop formal recommendations for the promotion of preconception health to students in a college setting

  1. Toolkit development

Develop an online outreach toolkit for Preconception Peer Educators based on knowledge gleaned in steps 1-3 that can be added to the statewide preconception health website (

You will be working at the California Department of Public Health in the Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division under the direction of the Preconception Health Coordinator and Preconception Health Initiative Staff.  The position is located in Sacramento, CA at 1615 Capitol Avenue.

This position is unpaid.  Students must be enrolled (and in good standing) at least part-time at a post-secondary institution in California and request academic credit for the internship or practicum.

To apply please submit a cover letter and resume to

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