Need information on different types of birth control methods, how they are used and how effective they are? This information on "Choosing Your Birth Control Method" may be useful for you. Ask your Family PACT Provider to explain more about each method.

If your birth control method failed or you had unprotected sex, information is also provided for you about emergency contraception.

Family PACT is a program in California that provides FREE family planning services for low-income women, men, and teens. Many clinics and doctors in California participate. Locate a Family PACT Provider near you by calling toll-free 1-800-942-1054 or visiting, entering in your zip code, and clicking on "Find Providers."

Bedsider provides young women and people with the capacity for pregnancy, ages 18-24 with information on birth control methods and guidance on using them consistently. Coined as a “free support network for birth control,” the site allows young women to explore available methods of contraception, set up birth control and appointment reminders, and watch videos from young women sharing their own experiences about birth control.