Financial wellness is the process of learning how to successfully manage financial expenses. Money plays a critical role in our lives, and it can impact your health as well as academic performance. Setting goals to building your resume, finding a job, creating a budget, and saving money are critical to financial wellness. Explore the resources below to start your financial wellness journey today!

Financial Courses

  • CashCourse - Offers financial skills that make sense in the real world.

Career Building Skills

Finding a Job

  • Employment Development Department - Helps find local jobs to match your preferences.
  • LinkedIn - Get connected with employers and companies to find the career opportunity that best fits you. 
  •  RippleMatch - An automatic job search website that searches jobs catered towards your resume and experiences. 
  •  WayUp - Offers jobs and career opportunities for a variety of majors and minors. 

Financial Wellness at Sacramento State

Financial Assistance

  • CalFresh - California financial aid program for groceries.
  • PG&E Care - Offers discounted utilities.