Healthy eating and active living are essential to maintaining a healthy body. Eating well can help you feel better both physically and mentally, and give you the nourishment you need to boost your energy throughout the day. A healthy lifestyle with well-balanced meals and physical activity each day can also help prevent  or manage many common chronic conditions. Small improvements every day can make a lasting impact for you and generations to come! Explore the resources below to learn more.

Healthy Eating Resources


ChooseMyPlate: Nutrition offers personalized eating plans based on the dietary guidelines for Americans. 

Eat Healthy offers healthy tips and recipes.

Eat Well offers resources and tools to help with healthy eating.

Healthy Snacks offers healthy recipe options for snacks.

Healthy Eating and Healthy Weight Guide offers in-depth recommendations and tips for planning, buying, storing, and eating healthy foods.


CDC: Folic Acid offers recommendations on folic acid for women of reproductive age.

Take a Daily Vitamin offers information on various daily vitamins.


Choose Water offers tips and resources to help stay hydrated.

Active Living Resources

Be Active offers tips and guides to increase physical activity throughout the day.

CDC: Physical Activity Guidelines and Tools offer more opportunity to incorporate physical activity into daily life.

ChooseMyplate: Physical Activity offers tips on the importance of daily physical activity.

Move It! offers tips and resources to help get daily physical activity.