How does your community affect your health?

You know that the personal choices you make affect your health. But did you know that the community where you live also affects your health? Your health is affected by where you live, where you shop, and where you work. Your health is also affected by the people around you including family, friends, and neighbors. All of these things make up your community and can significantly affect your health.

The health of a community depends on many factors. Although some of these factors may be beyond your control, there are small steps you can take to make a difference. Living in an unsafe or unhealthy environment is difficult, but there are some things you have the power to change. Being a part of a healthy community is important for the health of everyone in that community, including you.

What is a healthy community?

A healthy community is an environment where people feel safe and that allows people to live a healthy lifestyle. An important part of a healthy community is its structure, including roads, schools, and parks that meet the needs of the people. It should be clean and protected from harmful materials released by any nearby factories and toxic waste sites. A healthy community has places to buy healthy foods and to exercise safely. It is also free from crime and drugs. Access to health care services is another important part of a healthy community. A healthy community has a healthy and safe environment.

How can you improve the health of your community?

Achieving a healthy community involves many people working together to improve their environment. Here are some initial steps you can take in your community.


  • Mobilize individuals and organizations that care about the health of your community into a team.
  • Assess the areas of greatest need in your community, as well as the resources and other strengths that you can use to address those areas.
  • Plan your approach: start with a vision of where you want to be as a community; then add strategies and action steps to help you achieve that vision.
  • Implement your plan using concrete action steps that can be monitored and will make a difference.
  • Track your progress over time.

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