Your physical health is connected to your mental health. Taking care of your mental health can actually improve your physical health. In addition, your mental health affects the health of your partner and any children you may have. Here are some tips to take care of your emotional and mental health and ensure a healthy start for your family.

  • Develop healthy relationships with your partner, family, and friends.
  • Share responsibilities with your partner. Men play an important role in supporting the health of their partners before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • Allow yourself to de-stress and get help for feelings of sadness or depression to achieve mental wellness.

Take care of your mental wellness

You may already know that your stress level and how you are feeling can affect your physical health. But did you know that having stress or feeling depressed or anxious can also affect the health of your children? Stress can have a major effect on the body. Stress can increase your risk of heart disease and other medical problems. Stress can also cause changes in your hormones that can cause decreased or abnormal sperm. Allow yourself to de-stress by getting plenty of sleep, regular exercise, and by eating healthy foods. If you are feeling sad or depressed, this can affect the mental health of your partner and child. Children with fathers who are depressed are more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems. If you have feelings of depression, anxiety, or have any other mental health problems, click here for help. You can also call the National Institute of Mental Health toll-free at 1-866-615-6464. If you need to talk to someone immediately, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).