Sex is normal and natural and meant to be an intimate act. Whether it is self-pleasuring, masturbation, or shared with someone you trust it’s up to you to decide. Becoming sexually active with a partner is a personal choice. Influences like your family values, culture, what your friends do, what you view online or on tv, music you listen to, all have an impact on when you may decide to become sexually active with a partner. You have the power to determine when the time is right for you.

If you are sexually active or are considering having sex for the first time, be sure to explore the resources on this website to learn more about consent, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and birth control. It’s important to learn as much as you can to help inform your future decisions for your health and well-being.

Use the reproductive life planning resources below to help plan and inform your future goals and choices.

There are many great decisions in life that just aren’t for you. Having a baby is one of those choices for you. There are still things to think about, like how to make sure nothing interferes with your choice and the exciting life you’ve planned. Central to this effort is contraception, known commonly as birth control. Even though you don't want to become pregnant, your health is still extremely important. 

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Planning to have a baby is often focused on the baby, but your health is the most important factor in that. There are some things you need to do now so you’re well prepared when the time comes. Before you or your partner become pregnant you want to be sure that your body, mind, and environment give you the best chance at having a healthy pregnancy. Some things to think about are taking a daily folic acid supplement, eating nutritious meals, getting regular exercise, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, getting plenty of sleep, avoiding toxins and certain medications, achieving a healthy weight, managing any chronic diseases such as diabetes or depression, and being sure that your relationships are able to withstand the added stress that pregnancy and childrearing will involve. If that sounds like a lot, it is! But just know that doing many things at once is good preparation for that beautiful bundle of joy you'll be chasing around the playground!

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Having a baby is an experience that transforms your life. While you may be a bit busy right now, it is important to think about your health so you can take good care of your baby. Your health now is central to the health of your baby. It is important to wait at least 18 months before having your next baby so that you have time to rest, bond with your baby and you'll be prepared to experience the joys of parenting all over again.

Things you'll want to think about now are, Do you have a sense of what birth control method will you would like to use to prevent another pregnancy very quickly? Were there health issues during the pregnancy that you or your partner need to follow up on like gestational diabetes? Do you or your partner need help with breastfeeding/chestfeeding or nutrition support? How can you make sure your body, mind, and environment give you and your baby their best shot at a healthy productive life?

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