Make a Plan

After you've had a baby it is important to consider your life goals for work, family, and health including if and when you may want to have additional children.

Write it Down

This life plan worksheet below was created to encourage you to consider your life goals and make sure you are prepared to make them happen. The worksheet includes questions about your recent healthcare visits, things you do to stay healthy, how many children you'd like to have in total when you'd like to have them, and what steps you'll take to stick to that time frame.

Revise it

Things change. Maybe you'd like to wait longer than you'd planned to have another baby because you plan to go back to school and would like to switch to a more long-term birth control method. Maybe you realize that now is a better time to have the next baby, so you want to move your timeline up and make sure you quit smoking before you get pregnant. Because things may change from year to year, it is helpful to revisit your plan often and make changes to it.

This life plan worksheet was created by the South Los Angeles Health Projects/Los Angeles BioMed Women Infants and Children Program and is available in English and Spanish.

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